The interior of a home should always match the personality of its inhabitants. That is why Paul Klunder's interior design always begins with making a thorough inventory of the client's wishes.

The desired ambiance, the functions of each room, but most of all the individual lifestyle are passed in review. Through intensive dialogue the basis is created for an interior that not only has charm and grandeur, but is also uniquely one's own space.

The soul of a home is shaped by precious family heirlooms and furniture. That is why Paul Klunder encourages his clients to give such objects a second chance. He knows the art of using these pieces in such a way that they perfectly accentuate the personality of the inhabitants in a refreshing way. Around the family heirlooms he designs original, stylish and, most importantly, individual interiors. They are always an exciting combination of contemporary and antique elements, with ample space for the natural. A perfect balance between opulence and restraint.

An interior decorating scheme by Paul Klunder can be all-encompassing. In addition to made-to-measure furniture, pieces from renowned collections and soft furnishings, he also offers advice on the acquisition of art and styling with original accessories.

For clients who express such a desire, he can also offer guidance or take complete care of the realization for the new interior. Including the linen, glass and silverware, if so desired. In Paul Klunder's vision the interior and exterior of a home form a harmonious entity. This is why he prefers to implement the interior style of choice in the orangery, the patio, the summer garden and garden as well.

"It's my passion to create a place where you feel at your best."