A residence and the space surrounding it can be an inspiration year round. That is why Paul Klunder prefers to continue the interior design in a natural way into the spaces beyond, as though they merge into one.

The more natural such a transition, the more attractive and calming the whole is. Clear lines of sight give structure to the abundance of green. In his designs, he uses the existing structure and building where possible, to which he adds the inhabitants' lifestyle. Paul Klunder uses elements such as depth, axes and contrasts to create a balance between activity and relaxation, making sophisticated use of symmetry and asymmetry.

Paul Klunder's horticultural background guarantees a well thought-out planting scheme which offers abundant beauty in every season. Beautiful sculptures, jardinières or other decorative elements establish either a modern accent or a classical note. Herein, he respects the characteristic details.

Paul Klunder is also able to furnish the further interior of 'green rooms', with original garden furniture, lovely soft furnishings for outside and flower boxes made from special materials such as lead and zinc, which provide even more allure to the rural garden to create a paradise on earth.

A special service he offers is arranging so-called spring and winter patios, for which he styles trees and plants from the orangery with furniture and additional pots with annuals. The exclusive seasonal decorations Paul Klunder can add to these provide a unique style.

Paul Klunder guides the realization of his garden designs in close cooperation with the landscaping company of his clients.

It's pure luxury having a garden where you can live your dream.